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Benefits for the restaurant

Work with Deliverum and benefit from all our advantages

No cost, no registration fee, no investment and no fixed fees

Working with Deliverum is really easy and does not require any fixed cost. Every month, after receiving the corresponding invoice, the restaurant will only pay the comission agreed per order, with no need to reach a minim number of orders.

20% increase in sales

Deliverum's extennsive experience in home delivery service guarantees an increase in the restaurant's turnover. It is definitely a way to expand the business with no extra expenses or efforts that can affect the restaurant's functioning.

New customers

Deliverum has an extensive list of users who look for online food delivery. These users become authomatically potential customers of the restaurant that can, at the same time, become regular customers, both of the restaurant and of its food delivery service.

Free promotion

For the restaurants that want to offer their home delivery and take away service, Deliverum works, thanks to its good positioning in search engines, as a free promotion platform, both in the website and social networks, where we regularly work for active promotion of Deliverum's clients.

Better promotion of discounts and special offers

Deliverum has an important number of followers in the social networks willing to enjoy the discounts and special offers that the restaurants offer through Deliverum. A direct and effective way to reach possible customers, effortless and costless for the restaurant.

Total management from collection to delivery

From the website, Deliverum provides the platform for delivery and take away order collection. A team of professionals manages and supervises the whole process: order reception, order verification, dealing with the restaurant and home delivery (in the case of orders for home delivery).

More efficiency and technological innovation

Deliverum and the delivery men team work with an innovative order assignment system via artificial intelligence that guarantees the highest efficiency during all the process, from the order reception -online or by telephone- to the order delivery.