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Thanks to the new program DeliEuros, we reward your trust. The more orders you make, the more DeliEuros you gain. Accumulate DeliEuros and pay less for your orders. You can use them from the very first euro and you have a whole year to enjoy them. Stay tuned to our social networks, your DeliEuros worth double in premium days!

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100 DELIEUROS = 1 €

Gain DeliEuros when registering

When you first register on, you obtain your first DeliEuros. Sign in Deliverum and get 500 welcome DeliEuros and enjoy them the way you want. Start ordering with a happy face!

Gain DeliEuros when posting an opinion

Your reviews and opinions are important to us. Everything you have to say is very important to us, and to prove it for each review you post, you will receive a bonus of 50 DeliEuros.

Gain DeliEuros when recommending us

If you like Deliverum and you want to recommend us, we will be eternally grateful. Also, when someone to whom you recommend us order in Deliverum, we award you with 1000 extra DeliEuros.

Gain DeliEuros when ordering

And of course, for every order you make, we will reward you with DeliEuros. The more you order, the more you gain, it’s very easy. It is the fairest thing to do, isn’t it?



How can I use it?

To use your DeliEuros you have to be a Deliverum user and be logged in when ordering. Once you are in the shopping basket, please click on "My DeliEuros" and will be automatically deducted from your final bill.

How many DeliEuros can I spend?

There is no minimum amount of DeliEuros to spend, but there is a maximum. For each order, the maximum DeliEuros you can spend is a 50% of the total amount with a maximum of 5€. The unspent DeliEuros will be accumulated to the next order.

Are there any restrictions?

The DeliEuros are valid only for orders placed online on our website or by the Deliverum app, using a credit card and choosing the delivery service. You can use them when ordering in all the restaurants and shops we work with.

Do DeliEuros expire?

The bad news is that DeliEuros do expire. The good news is that you have a whole year to enjoy them. But don’t you worry, once you've tried Deliverum we know for sure that we will see you very often.