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Asian, Indian

  • 9.1/10



14.99 €

From monday to friday except holidays. Two dishes ...


9.10 €
Tawa machi

Gluten free PESCADO Fish in the pan with toasted spices.

12.10 €
Prawn pepper masala

Gluten free CRUSTACEOS Sautéed prawns with scallions, black pepper and caramelized garlic.

9.30 €
Angaara murgh tikka

Spicy Spicy chicken fillet marinated in a rustic style i...

9.30 €

Juicy chicken fillet marinated in yogurt, cardamom...

9.60 €
Gosht chapli kebab

From the Mughal cuisine, a street dish from Luckno...

7.90 €
Punjabi samosa

Recommended Vegetarian Crunchy triangle filled with peas and potatoes - One of the most famous entrees.

7.80 €
Onion bhaji

Vegetarian Fried onion prepared with a special Indian technique.

7.90 €
Masaledar aloo tikki

Medallions of potatoes served with a soft sauce of yogurt, mint and tamarind.

9.50 €
Paneer tikka akbari

Vegetarian Skewers of fresh cheese with a marinade of yogurt ...

8.40 €
Palak patta papdi chaat

Vegetarian Wheat biscuit covered with crispy spinach, sprinkl...

8.40 €
soup of the day

Vegetarian Served with mini naan herbs.


12.90 €
Chiken Tikka Masala

Although there are different theories about the or...

13.50 €
Butter chicken

The specialty of the house: chicken in a creamy t...

12.90 €
Chicken vindaloo

Spicy The Vindaloo is a typical Goan curry whose name d...

12.90 €
Kadhai murgh

Spicy The Kadhai is a circular and deep casserole, used...

12.90 €
Dum ka murgh

Chicken cooked slowly in a sealed pot, with caram...


14.90 €
Gosth roganjosh

Stewed lamb with ginger, tomato, fennel, saffron and chilli.

14.90 €
Lucknowi gosht korma

The Korma is a mild curry, native to India, which...

15.30 €
Bhurani gosht

Spicy Lamb slowly cooked in a sealed pot, with carameli...

14.90 €
Saag gosht

A creamy mix of fresh spinach and lamb cubes, seasoned with spices.


14.10 €
Nariyal jhinga

Prawns in a creamy coconut sauce.

13.90 €
Malabar meen

Fresh fillet of salmon with spices curry, in tomato, onion and coconut sauce.

13.90 €
Kadhai jhinga

The Kadhai is a circular and deep casserole, used ...


14.40 €
Tandoori jhinga amritsari

LACTEOS CRUSTACEOS Langoustines marinated in yogurt, garlic and pepper, roasted in tandoor.

13.60 €
Sofiani machi

LACTEOS PESCADO Fillet of salmon with tandoor, flavored with fennel and juniper.

15.00 €
Adrak ke panje

Recommended LACTEOS Juicy ribs of New Zealand lamb, marinated in spice...

13.90 €
Tandoori murgh

Roasted chicken tandoor. One of the most popular dishes.


11.90 €
Dal makhani

Vegetarian Black lentils simmered on our tandoor.

10.90 €
Chana rashmisha

Vegetarian Homemade recipe of chickpeas prepared in a soft s...

9.90 €
Tadka dal

Vegetarian Exquisite yellow lentils cooked slowly.

11.90 €
Tawa paneer masala

Vegetarian Dice of fresh cheese in tomato and garlic sauce, with peppers and chili peppers.

11.50 €
Saag paneer

Vegetarian Fresh homemade cheese with a soft cream of spinach.

11.90 €
Kill paneer

Vegetarian Exquisite recipe for fresh cheese with cashew and tomato sauce.

10.50 €
Jeera aloo

Vegetarian Sautéed potatoes with cumin, onion and tomato.

10.50 €
Kadhai subzi

Spicy Vegetarian Fresh vegetables cooked over low heat with peppers and crushed spices.

10.50 €
Miloni subzi makhni

Vegetarian Vegetables in a creamy tomato-based sauce and fenugreek leaves.

10.90 €
Dum ka subzi

Vegetarian Slowly cooked vegetables in a sealed pot, with ca...

10.90 €
Aloo gobi

Vegetarian Homemade recipe of potatoes and cauliflower with o...


3.25 €

Recommended Classic bread from India.

3.45 €
Pudina Naan

Classic Indian bread with a touch of mint.

2.75 €
Tandoori Roti

Freshly baked whole wheat bread in the Tandoor.

3.70 €
Lachha Paratha

Delicious puff pastry with butter

3.70 €
Kulcha (choose a filling)

Naan bread stuffed with: cheese / potato / lamb / garlic / onion / nuts and nuts


3.90 €
Safed Chawal

Basmati rice from India soft and long.

4.90 €
Zaffrani Pulao

Basmati rice flavored with saffron, garnished with nuts and raisins.

16.90 €


17.90 €

16.10 €
Chicken Dum Ka Biryani

Basmati rice steamed with saffron and Indian spic...

15.40 €

Recommended Vegetarian


3.50 €

Yogurt salad with cumin flavor.

4.50 €
Delhi Salad

A salad of cucumber, tomato and onion, with slice...

2.50 €
Onion Salad

Onion cut with lemon, chaat masala and salt.

1.25 €

Lentil cookies with cumin roasted in the oven, served with assorted sauces.


5.00 €
Gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream

Spongy balls of our dulce de leche served with syr...

5.50 €
Chocolate brownie

Homemade chocolate brownie and nuts.

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